Thursday, November 24, 2011

Decorating Small Apartment Spaces

Decorating small apartment spaces with nearly square floor plan has two opposite sides of a blind party wall and the other two with large openings: one on the terrace and the other on the frontage.

The walls look like big, pixelated screen goes from gray to white as you move around the room. On closer examination, the pixel is really balls ping pong - an impressive number of 25,000 of these balls!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Having Modern and Practical Living Room

Have you ever heard about Mento? This is one of the most popular furniture manufacturer that has been widely grows up with its amazing creations that have been acknowledged in the world. Now you can even access the Mento’s creation through that provides you with the living room design that is covered up with modern theme and is supported with its practicality for any kind of modern house.

The living room design that has been designed is quite suitable with common houses and common people senses that are mostly prefer to have practical and modern concept design in their house. They need to adjust the space that is quite small so that they can have more space to move and make it look wider.

This is due to the fact that mostly people who live in big cities do not have too big space to live in. Hence they need a design for their house which will not take too much space in other hands give them more space and very practical. For such reason, Mento creates design that is equipped with complete facilities that are needed in living rooms without needing too much space. Mento offers innovative and detail concept within the designs that make the customers feel very comfortable to stay in their room for relaxing or for meeting their guests.